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Teddy dunn dating

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Teddy gets jealous when her best friend Ivy becomes "textmates" with her mother (The Curious Case of Mr. She sometimes hides secrets from her parents in a few episodes ("The Curious Case of Mr. Teddy is also easily embarrassed, especially by her family members. She blushes when Spencer's rich parents see her family members acting ridiculously on the local news.After admitting being related to them, she actually burps out loud twice and can't deny who she is and confesses to frequently sweating, farting, and burping ("Charlie Goes Viral").

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This left Teddy teary-eyed but she still chose Beau over him for the moment. (2002-Present; Best Friends) Teddy and Ivy have been best friends for a long time. But, Raymond dumped Ivy, and Spencer and Teddy broke-up so they both are single. (2005-Present; Friends) When Emmett says their relationship with Teddy ended when he was dating Nina, Teddy responds that their "relationship" was all in his head in Pushing Buttons.They fight, but they are always there for each other.In Up a Tree, Amy explains that Teddy and PJ often fought a lot in their childhood treehouse.(2010 Dating; 2011 Friends; 2011-2013 Dating; 2013 Friends; 2013 Ex-Friends; 2014-Present Boyfriend) But this relationship ends when Spencer is caught cheating on Teddy at work with Teddy's soon to be friend Skyler.Soon after that they kiss, but they decide to just stay friends.She is crushed when she believes her video diaries are gone in Bye Bye Video Diary but shows no signs of anger to Charlie. She delivered him in Special Delivery and called him beautiful.

She seems to enjoy spending time with him and doesn't like it when he and Charlie fight.

She goes as far as even using Charlie just to make her teacher happy and get an A in Teddy's Little Helper.

In "Teddy's Bear", she angrily snaps the point of her teacher's pencil when he refuses to change her grade and ends up getting detention. However, in some episodes Teddy lies and tricks her mother.

She did teach Charlie that the opposite of good was Gabe, but she still shows love for her younger brother.

The same is for Gabe when he and PJ make a rap for her 16th birthday in Driving Mrs. Also as in the episode Name That Baby, Gabe is yelling out to his mother while Teddy is trying to study for exams, but she doesn't get as annoyed at Gabe as a usual sibling would to another sibling.

Theodora 'Teddy' Rebecca Duncan is the second oldest child of the Duncan children.