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Vtp revision not updating

I am getting following issue after configuring SW1 as a TRANSPARENT MODE and SW3 & SW4 as a CLIENT MODE.- SW3 does not update or delete VLAN definition.-SW4 does update and delete vlan definition.-SW2 is configured as a SERVER mode.

vtp revision not updating-42vtp revision not updating-73vtp revision not updating-50

So when added to this office/switch the previous vlans were already there and interfaces could be added but again nothing newly created populated the client switch. what I was looking for was an answer as to if we were to just remove the password from the client switch would we hose the vlan database and have to recreate and reconfigure interfaces....hi Guys i am having a problem with a new switch i have installed...the VTP is not updating the vlans from the server (core switch) there is not vtp password and its updating to all the other switches in my network... please help This course will introduce you to the interfaces and features of Microsoft Office 2010 Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Access.I cannot figure out that why SW3 is not updating vlan definition from the server mode switch ( sw2) Thanks in advance.You can't manually force updates because VTP configs are pushed based on the highest current VLAN database revision number.I did a test with 2 switches I had here in the office and set it up exactly as I had in the office but in PRODUCTION and the answer is NO... Once I did so the VLAN that was created before and didn't propagate to the client "did" once the password was removed.

I also created new vlans on the server switch to test and it propagated to the client.

I have tried following things - rebooting SW3 did not fix this problem- updated VTP domain,password,modes to trigger updates but no change.- SW3 starts updating vlan database once I configure SW1 as a server mode.- but SW3 does not update vlan definition if I configure SW1 as a TRANSPARENT MODE.

TOPOLOGY SW2(servermode)------SW4(CLIENT MODE) I have attached running config and VTP outputs to these attachement.

Hope this helps someone out there that ran into this similar situation.

I am following same topology as mentioned in the INE labs.

Initially I had all switches configured as a SERVER.