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Our publications cover a broad range of economic and social issues, including development policy, finance, health, education, environment, trade, poverty, climate change, and globalization. Ann Kodicek, Art Newspaper Yale University Press is to be congratulated on the books handsome design and color illustrations, the quality of which provides decisive visual support for the case that Blakesley puts forward in writing. Jason Farago, New York Times [This] book breaks ground in applying an archeological framework to the study of art history. Druick Winner of the 2011 50Books/50 Covers Book Design competition sponsored by Design Observer, AIGA, and Designers & Books Windows on the War is an invaluable resource, bringing together a wealth of primary research and archival material, and an open invitation for further investigation. Steven Heller, Eye Magazine University Press Painting in Imperial Russia, 1757-1881Rosalind P.Description: International Criminal Investigations: Law & Practice is the first of its kind - a resource book on selected topics assessing more than twenty years of international criminal investigations, while addressing the practicalities and challenges of such investigations. In its variety, technical finesse, creativity, and intellectual interest Russian art fully deserves a place of honor within the European canon. Anne Blood, Burlington Magazine The first major scholarly study of the topic in English. Blakesley June 7, 2016380 pages, 9 x 11135 color 155 b/w illus.

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They were also sent abroad to serve as international cultural "ambassadors," rallying Allied and neutral nations to the Soviet cause.With a focus on Moscow artists, the book chronicles how this milieu achieved institutional and financial independence, and reflects on the theoretical and visual models it generated in various media, including painting, photography, conceptual, performance, and installation art.Generously illustrated, this ground-breaking volume, published in the year that marks the centennial of the October Revolution, demonstrates that, regardless of political repression, the spirit of artistic experiment never ceased to exist in the Soviet Union." onclick="return show Photo('-29362812_456240756', 'wall-29362812_6795', , event)" style="width: 175px; height: 209px;background-image: url( Kli03i Wh Q.jpg);" class="page_post_thumb_wrap image_cover page_post_thumb_last_row fl_l"Soviet TASS Posters at Home and Abroad, 1941-1945Edited by Peter Kort Zegers and Douglas W.Contents: 1 Challenges of International Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions: Perspectives of a Prosecutor; 2 International Cooperation and Judicial Assistance; 3 Preparing for an Investigative Mission to Interview a Witness or Suspect; 4 Collecting Evidence in International Criminal Investigations: Judicial Review of Investigative Deficiencies and Their Impact on the Case; 5 Interpreters and Investigators of Sexual Violence in International Criminal Prosecution; 6 The Investigation of International Crimes against or Affecting Children: Early Experience at the International Criminal Court; 7 Legal Constraints on the Use of Intermediaries in International Criminal Investigations; 8 Financial Investigations: An Introduction; 9 Leadership Analysis in International Criminal Justice; 10 Electronic Evidence Management at the ICC: Legal, Technical, Investigative and Organizational Considerations; 11 Protecting Victims and Witnesses; 12 Investigative Practices of Specialized War Crimes Units; 13 Positive (and Practical) Complementarity: Practical Tools for Peer Prosecutors and Investigators Bringing Atrocity Crimes Cases in National Jurisdictions#law #@scientific_resources (Soviet and Russian Art) These five important books on Soviet and Russian art from Yale University Press The Russian Canvas: Painting in Imperial Russia, 17571881 Rosalind P. The Imperial Academy formalized artistic training but later became a foil for dissent, as successive generations of painters negotiated their own positions between pan-European engagement and local and national identities.Blakesley Vollständig anzeigen Honorable Mention for the 2017 Heldt Prize, given by the Association for Women in Slavic Studies The Russian Canvas is the triumphant outcome of a gargantuan project. Drawing on original archival research, this groundbreaking book recontextualizes the work of major artists, revives the reputations of others, and explores the complex developments that took Russian painters from provincial anonymity to international acclaim. Blakesley is reader in Russian and European art at the University of Cambridge." onclick="return show Photo('-29362812_456240753', 'wall-29362812_6795', , event)" style="width: 252px; height: 292px;background-image: url( VQa XQHdxcc.jpg);" class="page_post_thumb_wrap image_cover fl_l"Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film Susan Tumarkin Goodman and Jens Hoffmann; With an essay by Alexander Lavrentiev September 29, 2015240 pages, 8 3/4 x 11148 color 30 b/w illus.More than 350 works are grouped into areas of critical importance for the production, reception, and circulation of early Soviet art: battlegrounds, schools, the press, theaters, homes and storefronts, factories, festivals, and exhibitions.

Paintings by El Lissitzky and Liubov Popova are joined by sculptures, costumes and textiles, decorative arts, architectural models, books, magazines, films, and more.

Susan Tumarkin Goodman is senior curator emerita and Jens Hoffmann is deputy director, exhibitions and public programs, both at the Jewish Museum.

Alexander Lavrentiev is a Moscow-based art historian, grandson of the photographer Alexander Rodchenko, and director of the Rodchenko-St" onclick="return show Photo('-29362812_456240754', 'wall-29362812_6795', , event)" style="width: 253px; height: 292px;background-image: url( Xd U-5Q8EQ.jpg);" class="page_post_thumb_wrap image_cover page_post_thumb_last_column fl_l"Soviet Art Put to the Test Edited by Matthew S.

Drawn from the Art Institute of Chicago's collection, as well as other private and public holdings, these TASS posters have not been seen since World War II.

An international team of scholars presents the TASS posters both as unique historical objects and as artworks that reveal how preeminent artists of the day used unconventional technical and visual means to contribute to the war effort, marking a major chapter in the history of design and propaganda.

Druick; With contributions by Konstantin Akinsha, Robert Bird, Jill Bugajski, Douglas W.