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Ueto aya dating

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Born in Nerima, Tokyo, Ueto was discovered when she participated in the 7th Japan Bishōjo Contest, where she won the special jury prize.

Today, their agencies revealed via fax that Aya has given birth to a baby girl.According to various entertainment officials, actress Aya Ueto is well on her way to becoming the most popular female Japanese celebrity in China.The sharp rise in popularity is all due to her comeback film originally got it’s start as a 2014 Fuji TV drama series.A former idol playing the “scandalous” role of an adulterous wife seems to have resonated with them even more.However, as another entertainment official stated the sudden rise in popularity also has it’s negatives.As one of Japan`s most ubiquitous celebrities, Ueto constantly appears on billboards, shop windows and train adverts.

is a Japanese actress, singer, model, tarento, and occasional radio personality.

When tickets were first up for sale over 5,000 were sold in 30 seconds.

Aya’s popularity is being compared to singer and actress Noriko Sakai, who during the 90s enjoyed immense success in mainland China.

Dubbed the “Ueto Boom“, Aya’s influence and popularity can also be seen in other Asian countries including Hong Kong and Singapore.

Once the Chinese general public started to learn more about Aya naturally her past was looked into as well.

In it, they said that mother and daughter are both healthy.