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‘Jobs we have now might vanish but jobs themselves won’t vanish.’ Even then, there are worrying signs that this isn’t a zero-sum game.“Unlike much of the 20th century, we’re now seeing a falling ratio of employment to population [in the US] and that’s something that concerns us,’ MIT economist Erik Brynjolfsson told Techrepublic.

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‘It’s all about helping humans do their jobs better, it’s man plus machine being greater than man or machine.’ But here comes a disconnect between the ideal and reality.‘If the AI doctor fixes 10 people and makes mistakes on two, for example, and the human doctor treats 10 people and makes three mistakes, which one is better? The difference is that CEOs will get a vote whereas the turkeys do not.‘If the AI doctor killed someone, would you let it go on? While it might be helping more people, they’re not ok with that one failure. And not everyone is confident about jobs being kept: ‘There’s no getting around it, jobs will be lost,’ Alison Lowndes, head of AI developer relations at technology company Nvidia, tells uk. A data analyst job didn’t exist 10 years ago, five years ago even.If machines are quicker and cheaper than humans, it is only a matter of time before capitalism gets its way. ‘If people make more mistakes, let’s deploy AI.’ And the people losing out will be the workforce rather than the managers.‘Just because AI is better isn’t a reason to displace people, unfortunately,’ Ankur Modi, CEO of AI firm Status Today, tells uk. CEOs will not vote for technological innovation that removes their value just as turkeys don’t often vote for Christmas.‘And it might not exist in 10 years but people need to re-train.

I’m a shining example, I went back to university at 38 and people should continually learn.

In the same way as the digital revolution has seen bigger income equality, with the rich getting richer and poor getting relatively poorer, the AI revolution (or the fourth industrial revolution as it is called) could have a similar impact.

Companies use the term ‘lean’ when discussing about ‘AI efficiencies’ and what this means is ‘making things as cheap as possible for the company is a given’, Alan Flower, EMEA CTO of multinational IT company HCL, told the AI Summit.

Cog X is bringing together incredible thought leaders from around the world to exchange views on the impact of AI across 18 industries and domains with an innovative format of keynotes, panels and breakout sessions.

Each session will update us on the current status, identify the challenges and propose initiatives which will move the conversation forward” Cog X 2018 will bring together 4,000 attendees and 300 speakers across 5 main stages, more than doubling the size of the acclaimed inaugural 2017 event.

If you think you have the answer then marshal up the data and prove it to us one way or the other!