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Salsa dating uk

Changes: More varieties deleted for this year (we would love to have them available, but we need stock for 2019!) Customers are advised that cannas purchased at this time of the year should be kept growing in a frost-free environment.

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The sale is then fully documented and we don't need to handle credit card information (which is securely handled by our Shopping Cart provider).another photo another photo another photo another photo another photo RHS AGM Award 2002. Often wrongly referred to as Canna iridiflora (it is a sterile hybrid of C. It is one of the oldest hybrids, dating from the 1860's. iridiflora gives it distinct characteristics of giant foliage and nodding flowers. Early to start flowering, and flowers over a long season due to its habit of producing a generous succession of flowers from each stem, another photo Height: Medium Foliage: pale bronze Flower: Golden.We also feel that it is somewhat hardier than other cannas. A new variety which combines a golden flower with bronze foliage.We despatch cannas as soon as ordered, and we notify customers of the date of despatch. For information on canna cultivation, please see here: Cultivation An advantage of membership of the EU is that we can send living plants within the EU with no need for import/export documentation (which is prohibitively expensive to obtain).At present we can supply cannas to all the countries of the EU, but we can not send cannas to Norway which is not a member of the EU. This is as good a white as any we've seen, having large and very nicely shaped flowers. A relatively short canna with intensely red flowers and narrow lance shaped green foliage with a dark edge. It is very bushy and produces many flowering stems.This charge is UKPounds10 and is added automatically by the Shopping Cart. It was launched onto an amazed Parisian public a few years later and became an immediate success. We grew this variety many years ago, having originally acquired it from a French source, but it was lost due to virus. Bred by Brian Williams in the USA about 15 years ago another photo another photo Height: Tall Foliage: Pale bronze . At present there is no white Cannova (the nearest equivalent is 'Tropical White' which see).

It is reported that in the year 1861 some 20,000 "tufts" of canna 'Annei' were grown in the squares of Paris. Imagine our joy when a customer in Italy sent us a few healthy rhizomes. These varieties are intended for the garden centre market, and the aim is that garden centres will have small, bushy, floriferous plants ready for sale and maybe already flowering at the start of the summer selling season.

Sometimes confused with 'Mystique', which is exactly the same foliage but with red flowers instead of orange.

We're not selling either 'Intrigue' or 'Mystique' this year because our stocks got mixed, and we need a year to grow them out to see which is which.

In 2002 RHS Wisley submitted a distinct but un-named cultivar to the canna trial. Within the year of the trial, the 3 rhizomes that they planted grew into an enormous clump, and so impressed the judges that they awarded it the coveted AGM Award.

It was a variety widely grown and even naturalised in the wilder parts of the garden. This variety then retreated into obscurity, but continued to be grown as a naturalised plant in the RHS garden. We had acquired specimens of this plant from the RHS, and we felt that it deserved to be marketed commercially.

This absence of white in the leaves no doubt results in increased vigour giving a bigger plant. Similarly, the foliage can be green, or can be green with chocolate streaks.