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Sagitarians dating sagitarians

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He's sex on a stick and extremely intelligent and fun. I see him as a devious, egotistical, manipulative control freak, and a master game player. On the other hand, if you really, really, piss me off, I do not get mad, I do not get even, I get evil. The scorpios you are into or that appeal to you will most likely be like you, a little nutty.It's not astrology it's about your psychology and who appeals to you.

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Scorpios unfortunately do fit most of the descriptions here. We nicknamed him Sting way before the singer came along!They are total control freaks, they try to control every aspect of their lovers and friends lives, They are paranoid beyond belief over the most innocent of things.They are so conceited, they feel the world revolves around them. If they don't get physically violent, they can tear you apart verbally, they make you feel like absolute shit over the most trivial of things.R39, most people think of astrology as some silly, useless column in the daily paper. As a field of study it is vast and can take a lifetime to comprehend.Unless or until you genuinely know something about it, please stop pretending that you do.I'm a scorpio and I have never been able to hold on to a relationship, because no one will do things the way I tell them to do things. I'm a Scorpio male and the importance of sex cannot be over stated. We became friends and 70% of what he talked about was not trusting his boyfriend or his boyfriend not trusting him.

If they would just listen, everything would be perfect. I love the things my cock can do, and you will, too. There was all sorts of subterfuge, cheating and jealousy.

They are clearly wacko, though, it's rather odd that ALL of them were so crazy.

They are also compulsive liars, they lie so much they can tell no longer tell the difference between the truth and the lies.

He insisted on driving 'his way' to brunch this morning - five miles out of the way, taking every side street possible, giving the right of way to every yahoo who crossed his path.

His wife and girls spent the entire drive yelling at him because they needed a bathroom with doors.

Don't let the hot sex keep you there, eventually it will fade and they ARE probably already cheating on you! btw, I never really believed all that much in astrology until I got involved with Scorpio people, they ALL lived up their negative descriptions. I, for instance am a Scorpio Sun, Capricorn Moon with Aquarius rising.