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Pretty little fish dating site

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During the last few months this criminal also deletes the fake daughter profile very soon after he makes contact with his next victim.

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This clearly demonstrates that the criminals perpetrating this scam have dropped lures in a wide range of dating apps and sites.Since September 2016, more POF users have contacted us about the same “underage girl” (or boy) sext scam than all other scams we hear about.We have personally encouraged more than 500 men to contact the FBI about this scam --see below.But this means that the "father" will have to walk into the bank and sign for the money.The "father" will never agree to that because he would have to provide an ID to the bank and his transaction will be recorded.Plenty of Fish (POF) is an online dating site that uniquely claims to have millions of users worldwide.

From our perspective at The Daily it has earned another unique claim as well.

In addition to POF, this scam has targeted men on Craigslist, Meet Me, OKCupid, Seeking, Adult Friend Finder and other apps.

We hear from so many men targeted by this scam that we cannot keep this article updated fast enough with all the information we receive.

For more than a year there appeared to be two separate criminals responsible for the majority of these scams.

We believed that one of them lives in Texas and the other is in South Carolina.

It is also possible that he works in a warehouse or similar place and uses a forklift at work.