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P5e updating jmicron jmb363 controller

Please choose the relevant version according to your computer's operating system and click the download button.

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No idea about the LAN thing but that's probably just for PXE. I have found the latest BIOS for the Marvell 91XX (see attached) it is hostbios version Here is a link to the web site with it also: It includes improvement in performance for SATA 6GBs.Mine can be set to use what's on the Marvell chip or use what's in the system BIOS.Now if only I can find out how to put this in my Gigabyte X58A-UD3R BIOS because it has this much larger file called m9123which does not seem to correspond to the image file in that Marvell pack... Edit: I think I'm supposed to just add the small bin file to mine and leave m9123alone, since yours seems to have the bigger file too.This is a minimal guide that fits my hardware configuration. Intel Core 2 Extreme / Core 2 Quad / Core 2 Duo / Pentium Extreme / Pentium D / Pentium 4 Processors (LGA775 socket).Onboard devices: Do not use DSDT files (*.aml) generated by others, you must generate your own.However, this is at your own risk and I take no responsibility. Don't flash a motherboard if you don't have a backup computer just in case.

Hackintosh for P5E3 Premium/Wi Fi-AP @n motherboard using OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion.

In the forum I found this update it said that running the update program include it worked for the asus s6u3 card but besides the motherboard marvel chip I also have a msi s6u3 card with a marvel chip too, so I am concerned that just running the program could mess one or both of the marvel bios chips.

You mentioned that the marvel bios let itself to be upgraded so this could be the safer bet -doing each one at at a time.

Also the include program is for a floppy image and I do not have a floppy...

Feel free to use/link/host any BIOS I post, no credit necessary.

Feel free to use/link/host any BIOS I post, no credit necessary. Just to make sure you patched only the small bin file on the Asus rom?