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Online dating con artist

She was Alex Lee, the beautiful male angel of darkness, the dying man who existed only to love you, and "his" love for you is what kept "him" alive.I'd met plenty of women in the aftermath of the Alex Lee fallout who had fallen for it too. Why Teresa decided to finally confess after all those years, I'll never know.

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Oh what amazing belly laughs we can have and oh, how smart and above it all we can believe ourselves to be, knowing that while there's a sucker born every minute.And especially when their judgement was compromised.(Yes, I'm being sarcastic), does us all a disservice by soft-soaping the dangers of online romance scams. While I understand the creator's desire to assuage his own personal humiliation at the hands of an online prankster by making these liars and con artists appear as fellow humans who simply did the wrong thing one day, the truth is far from kind. If you find yourself online and vulnerable, talking with someone who claims to have illness whatsoever (chronic pain, cancer, autism, diabetes, kidney disease — those are her main "tools”), won't show you their photo, and asks for money ... And this, I came to find out, was how she secured her income for over ten years: by pretending to be a guy named Alex Lee. No one could resist the charms of the vulnerable, mysterious young man with the Southern accent.She was a regular on game sites, dating sites, chat rooms, Facebook, paperback swaps, radio blogs, online art galleries — anywhere people would go to make friends online.She infiltrated private groups, consistently regaling people with the terrible woes of what it was like to be the poor, long-suffering Alex Lee.

And her newly acquired friends — every single one of them — believed her stories.

And because I believed Alex was not long for this world, I wanted to help. But Alex would never show his photo to his new friends.

That should have been a glaring red flag, of course, but Alex was autistic and way too shy to share something so intimate.

When you are lied to, stolen from and emotionally ripped off by a stranger you found online and developed real feelings for, it's far from entertainment. One day after I outed her, I found her on a SSBBW (super sized big beautiful woman) dating site.

Yes, she's been reported to the FBI, and no, she feels no regret and, I would imagine, no hesitancy about doing it all again.

Uncharacteristically, he coldly declined and shut me out of his life. She created the biggest sob story ever told in the history of lies and sat back as the big bucks came rolling in.