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Maura tierney dating

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Her glib answer to "who do you want your character to hook up with on the show" was "Laura Innes." And she clarified THAT by explaining that she thought she was especially wonderful because she was a great director - rather than back-track with nervous "oooh I'm straight" stuff.Even so I believe she only pinged to me because of wishful thinking.

[i]In a magazine article today (Parade Magazine) she said that her ex boyfriend had helped her when she first found out she had cancer. A very attractive woman in her best years does not spend 13 years married to a gay man unless she's gay herself R28. I'm guessing, if your story is true, she's just not out to you.[quote]I saw her shopping at Whole Foods with a hot, well-built guy. On the show she was supposed to be this highly desirable woman, but she was plain as an old shoe and always had a hangdog expression on her face.At the end of the segment, Peter Sagal says "Thank you, Maura Tierney! Maybe it's a religious thing for her so she doesn't come out?The Parade article really emphasizes the Boston Irish Catholic thing with her background. End of relationship.)R5, what sort of things was she saying that made you feel she was obviously a lesbian?Unfortunately though she looks plain beyond words, angry and possibly allergic to a makeup brush.Are we to assume unattractive lawyers are more intelligent?She was in a relationship - or married - to a guy at the time.

She was remarkably successful as 'the girl' in a lot of movies at that time without ever becoming tabloid fodder.

You can see she's still recovering from her cancer treatment (face still slightly swollen, and she looks tired, though some of that may be that they want her to look like an overworked attorney on her new show). He looked like a trainer but they also appeared to be a couple. Both Carter and Luka were in love with her and vying for her attention; what idiocy!

She and Luka ended up together, but they never even seemed to really like each other, much less be so in love they had a baby and rode off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

So I'm just getting around to looking at a cover story in Parade about her cancer survival and new show on ABC that was from last week or the week before while going through old newspapers.

As I read the profile of her I think it's interesting how they keep mentioning and quoting this "close friend of 15 years" who is a female TV writer apparently. Just this female friend quoted repeatedly and discussion of special gifts that Maura has got her.

This involves a lot of banter and a light interview, of course.