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Parker then covers his gun hand with web fluid and knocks him unconscious.When he sees the man's face, he recognizes the thief who got away at the studio. Before it reaches Old Pedros, a ray of sunlight surrounds him.

Featured Characters: On a small Mediterranean island of fisherfolk, Old Pedros is the town bell-ringer. While he looks for a hiding place, he hears a mummy's voice promising to protect him from the police. The mummy reassures Rank that he will not suffocate or become another mummy.Wir empfehlen allen unseren Nutzern, sich für die Flash-Version des Chats zu entscheiden.Um die volle Funktionalität der Seite zu nutzen, müssen Sie die Darstellung von Flash-Inhalten in Ihrem Browser erlauben.One evening, while attending a demonstration of radioactivity at General Techtronics Laboratories East, Parker fails to notice a spider drop through a "radioactive ray" and receive a massive dose of radiation. Light-headed, Parker leaves the demonstration, only to be nearly run over by a car.He leaps to safety but is surprised to find he has jumped much further than intended—he lands on the side of a building and clings to the bricks by his fingertips.Możesz również zablokować Flash, naciskając ikonę "puzzle" w prawym górnym rogu przeglądarki.

Aktualnie używasz wersji Flash czatu: jest w pełni funkcjonalna i zoptymalizowana.

Bitte klicken Sie auf den "Kippschalter", um Flash für Ihren Browser zu aktivieren.

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One day, the volcano atop the island begins to erupt. Rank finally agrees and gets into the sarcophagus, which the mummy shuts.

The policeman doubles back, finds a broken window, and searches the room. Featured Characters: The discovery of a crashed flying saucer frightens a small town, especially when the townspeople realize that the Martians are among them. A man leaves for the city and tells his wife to stay in the house where she is safe.

He quickly climbs to the roof and, once there, accidentally crumples a steel pipe in his hand.