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Love to fuck dating

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Not to find out how she was doing, or whether she had married or how many kids she had. Melissa stood up from the chair and backed herself up against the wall.

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I had to drop some documents off to a place close by. I followed her and we just placed the bags on the kitchen table and left them there.Melissa filled the kettle, replaced it on the stand and switched it on.She lifted two mugs from mug-tree on the kitchen sink, gave them a quick swill and filled them with coffee.“Milk and sugar? We waited for the water to boil, avoiding conversation and suspended in that awkward silence that weighed heavily on us.“So how are you keeping? I detected that she was a little hesitant in her reply, probably as a result of me being there.I was forcing her into the wall as my cock fucked into her from behind.Her large, pendulous breasts, squashed, bounced and pounded the wall.She whimpered into the mirror leaving me to fuck her as hard as I could and take my own pleasure.

Although that wasn’t my style and I was desperate to hold back and make her come first. I wondered to myself whether that was the reason I was here?

Melissa sat on the arm of one of the chairs opposite me. I felt that I should at least make a start to leave, especially as the alternative would be to ask for a second cup of coffee, and that would have been rude.“I’ll do the honours with the mug,” I said, as I stood up and walked to the kitchen to wash my mug up before leaving.“Well, -”“Do you remember that last fuck we had? She must have known that I was about to make an exit and now, out of the blue, a reference to our tumultuous past. I couldn’t help but remember the very last time we had sex.

It was in my bathroom with Melissa’s hands flat on the wall; her breath spreading across the surface of the mirror as she pushed her bum back towards me.

She smiled, or should I say, she pouted.“Nobody wants me – remember! I wanted to say ‘’, but this time, I kept my mouth shut.

It had been her that couldn’t make her mind up about us, not me.

Her lips quivered and her tongue slipped out from between them to lick her upper lip.“I… As I turned, I expected Melissa to follow me to the door, let me out and say goodbye.