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Lockport ny dating

I then decided that the smooth sweet skin of a lady, the rich heady scent, the oh so moist soft pink bits, are not a must have but a great treat should it come along, and like chocolate it is something to be enjoyed in moderation.

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I'm looking for someone to take charge in the bedroom, basically.I'm very sad about this, as there are some seriously attractive people who are shorter then I am, but I can't help it.Please don't think that you're going to be the one to change that. I haven't actually figured out how submissive, but I can tell you there are certain things I'm not interested in.I'm a fairly open person, willing to try most things once. I can say that, right now, I am specifically looking for someone to introduce me further to anal. I'd like to have more, with maybe a more experienced partner. If you decide to contact me, please put some thought into your emails!The one liner you wont be disappointed im me at doesn't do it for me.My Ideal Person: I'm a people person, which means that I love people in general.

However, I'm slightly more specific in my preferences in a sex partner. I'm nearly 5'11 and I'm not attracted to men who are shorter then I am.

Not only does it not tell me anything about you, but it makes a bad impression.

I'm also not going to call you, so sending me your phone number won't get any response at all.***ATTN: Sorry, but I don't do guys older then 35.

I would love to try f v f wrestling if the woman was up for it and would like to have a sexual experience with a woman as well if we had chemistry. Anyway, your all going to be curious as to why I don't actively pursue women like all you blokes out there, well that's because I don't have to, no not because I already have one, truth is I don't at the moment, but believe it or not I do not consider that a great loss, remember I am married, I am bi I enjoy both, that doesn't mean I am stupid enough to go sticking my boof head into a Lions Den, roflmao I leave that to Hubby, I don't date women, like I said I am not stupid, nor am I suicidal!

I have in the past had female friends, and it aint all pretty, I have learnt the hard way after a couple of brazen young gals decided to set their sights on my marriage, boney put the end to any play with them, and so they decided to tell the wives/GF's of half the guys who looked for play online that they knew, that I was screwing their other halves behind their back which couldn't have been further from the truth, particularly since the guys who she were referring too were all on my block list.

Jealousy and obsessive tendencies are the absolute turn-off for me.