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They were now furious with Tom, he had personally aggrieved them; 'what a fucking little tease. He shouldn't get away with teasing us like that and then not let us see the goods! We should smash the door down and drag him in here by his balls! This is your natural state, a naked slave to girls! " Tom despised this puggy little birthday girl amateurly pulling at his cock.

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He was at the national music awards next week and yet here he was now, little more than a booked stripper for some nobody's. " Tom would now do anything just to continue having his cock jerked. How dare he seek to feel her up without permission! Nodding silently, pleading for her to finish him off. And so instead, she sat back, arms crossed and requested a song. The girls were suspicious, and told him sternly that he had three minutes to go upstairs and pee. As they unlocked a door into the large hallway for him, Tom suddenly felt even more vulnerable. Would he suddenly be found with his cock out and have to meekly explain who he was and what he was doing in the buff?! Would they tell the mother he'd been jerking off somewhere in the house? As he listened to them moving around upstairs, he knew he'd gone way past the time limit. The door opened behind him and the two mothers from upstairs came in and laughed hysterically when they saw the sight! Then he knelt on the floor and just started pleasuring himself. Doesn't your brother know how to act around ladies? Louise returned with just the thong and a wide grin. Out of view of Brianna she wrapped her long deft fingers around the poor boy's cock and expertly began to tease it. Marcia pulled back and exclaimed with horror "OH Brianna! He was surrounded by victorious women, his thong only halfway up his legs, and a stubby little erection sticking out for them all to see. If Tom wanted to act like a bitch on heat, she'd treat him like a bitch.As the girls arrived at the palatial mansion that was Marcia - Louise's mothers - home, the girls were shepherded into the sitting-room, the designated private party area. Winshaw watched her daughter leave with Louise before following Marica into the spacious kitchen for a glass of wine. You've hired Tom Caley to come and perform for them? Females only." She could scarcely believe Marcia had pulled this off. He is explicitly denied by his agent to cover up" Mrs Winshaw felt dizzy. They'll be in the sitting-room and as Tom performs absolutely no-one else is allowed in or permitted to see him, you know, stripped down. But..." She beckoned to the laptop again and switched to a new window. As the mothers gulped at this vision, Marcia smiled proudly.Is it really true that he um....takes some of his clothes off? So word was getting out and the ladies were intrigued. It featured a sultry picture of the famous Tom wearing only a thong. Everyone in their circle of friends knew Marcia had some pretty big connections. She took a seat and poured herself a generous glass of wine. Standing in her sitting-room, before her birthday girl, was Tom Caley in a tiny, floral, frilly thong. " The mother's cheered as this young superstar's prize penis became visible for their entertainment. She'd hired the most famous boy in the world, stripped him and delivered his naked body to them on a plate!A private performance from teen hearthrob, Tom Caley. A reluctant Tom waved the shirt about his head and threw it to Louise.After all, her mother was rich and well-connected, perhaps she really had arranged such a VIP event for her daughter Louise? " Marcia gave her a long teasing stare before nodding her head in confirmation, "Tom's thong is hiding the birthday present of a lifetime. The Premium package explicitly states it -- he must be naked for the remainder of the evening. Next, the flimsy chaps were in one stunning motion ripped clean off![Everyone depicted in this story is 18 or over] Louise had never been a very popular girl at school.

Very plain, slightly chubby, yet rather vain thanks to her mother's extraordinary wealth.

Yangon is the country's largest city with a population of over five million, and is the most important commercial centre, although the military government officially relocated the capital to Naypyidaw in March 2006. Prostitution is a major social issue that particularly affects women.

Rangoon’s so-called “model shows” are hardly salacious affairs compared with the raunchy sex shows that have made Bangkok one of the world’s sex-tourism capitals.

Yangon Sex Guide advises where to find sex, working girls, prostitution, street hookers, brothels, red-light districts, sex shops, prostitutes, erotic massage parlors, strip clubs and escorts in Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon (Burmese: ရန်ကုန်; MLCTS: rankun mrui, also known as Rangoon, literally: "End of Strife") is a former capital of Burma (Myanmar) and the capital of Yangon Region.

The floral thong was tied at one side by a pretty bow. These prim and proper mothers now lost any disguise of refinement, they wanted to see his cock right now! They gave him a large glass of wine to settle his nerves and chuckled as he quickly drained the glass and asked for another, no longer seeking to hide his full exposure. As they entered they gasped, horrified and shocked, in unison.