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Some require preparation and equipment and some can be played anytime and anywhere with no prior preparation required.Read on to find the perfect camp game for your summer fun.

Have all your players form a circle around a player in the center.Our selection of camp games includes camp games for kids of every age and ability level.We have active outside games and those played indoors.Set up two rows of chairs approximately three feet apart. Divide your group into two teams and have them sit alternating the players from the two teams.Place a large basket, box, or clean waste container at each end of the facing rows.If the player succeeds, he becomes the person in the center of the circle. If a player is not able to keep the ball in play, they are out.

Have your campers form a circle and pass a beach ball or lightweight ball. If a player touches the ball and then the ball hits the ground, they sit in the middle of the circle.

Set either a time for play or a score to be reached for winning. Each team hides their flag on one side of the playing area. At the same time, team members must keep from being tag by members of the opposing team.

A popular children’s game great for camping, the object of this active game is to capture the other team’s flag. If they are tagged, they go to “jail,” a designated area on the opposing team’s side.

Summer time and children of all ages are off to go to camp.

Summer camp games involve campers and their counselors in activities designed to provide physical exercise; help build leadership skills, independence, and self-esteem; and are fun!

The player in the center of the circle holds the cane, baseball bat, or broomstick, and releases it without warning, while calling out a number.