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Does updating iphone software erase data

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You shouldn't have to do this very often, but when you do it'll clear out the memory and can often fix unruly apps.

And yes, as far as I can tell, I’m running the latest version of the Entune software, and the problems didn’t just start happening after an upgrade. Double-click the Home button to bring up the currently running apps. You can swipe to close three apps with up to three fingers to speed up the process a little bit.Irritatingly, there's no way to close them all at once.Find out how to check if you need to replace your i Phone battery because its battery is slowing down your handset.Also learn how Apple has greatly reduced the price of a replacement battery and how you can get a new one.If you're running out of space on your i Phone this could account for the sluggishness.

One quick way to free up a chunk of space is to delete a few apps.

Apple's most recent operating system for the i Phone and i Pad is i OS 11 at time of writing.

Assuming your i Phone supports the latest version, updating should speed things up, and this is generally our first suggestion. It's a great strategy for newish devices, but on older smartphones, it's possible that updating will actually slow it down, because it struggles to run the more demanding OS.

Find out more in Daring Fireball's blog post on the subject. Press and hold the Sleep button (the one on the top right of the i Phone on i Phone 5s and earlier, or on the right edge on i Phone 6 and later) until the Power Off slider appears. Once it's finished (it'll take about 10 seconds or so), start the i Phone up again by pressing and holding the Sleep button for about 5 seconds.

You'll see the Apple icon, then the i Phone will restart.

Lots of our readers ask us how to speed up a slow, old i Phone. You may find that your phone is a bit slow if you haven't got a lot of space free, even if it's a newer model.