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Dating like your accent

"Fall" has Anglo-Saxon roots and "autumn" comes from Latin.At some point during America's growth as a separate nation, European settlers came to use "fall" more commonly, while in Britain "harvest" came to have a specific, agricultural meaning and "autumn" gradually became the name of the season. We say "tomato", Bostonians also say "tomato" It's often said that the biggest difference between a British accent and an American one is rhotacism; words in British English have a flat "r" sound, while in American English the sound is rolled.

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Latin: Latin sounds solemn — whether in the sense of being genuinely ominous and/or intelligent, or alternately just pretentious. Mandarin Chinese, sounds serene, meditative and philosophical. This is of course subject to Values Dissonance, as the French don't necessarily think their language sounds the sexiest.German: German is the Black Speech, provided it's not spoken in the gentle tones of native speakers.Sounds badass, hammy, totalitarian, over-the-top angry bombastic ranting or efficiently technical.Italian: Everything sounds like delicious Pasta in Italian. French: French sounds sexy, fashionistic, romantic and cultured, or (in the Anglosphere e.g.Britain and America) the accent of hubristic snobbish douchebags.Compare Gratuitous Foreign Language, As Long as It Sounds Foreign, British Accents.

The British Library's Shakespeare’s Original Pronunciation CD features speeches and scenes that claim to be performed as Shakespeare would have heard them, and reveals several instances of wordplay that only make sense when said aloud in the accent of Shakespeare's contemporaries.

The word “Christmas” gets shortened and converted to baby speak (like most words) as you utter your plans for “Chrissy.” Yet no matter how much you properly translate your conversation to Australian, your accent still sounds like a drunken British pirate according to his mates.

If your radio is tuned to anything other than Triple J, especially on Australia Day, you will be publicly disgraced.

Their dubs go to Italian for this and they usually perceive their own accent as horrible.

May overlap with Gratuitous French if there really is no reason for it to be in French.

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