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Dating hasselblad lenses

If I were to make one suggestion to the design, I would make the foot that mounts to the tripod a little bit longer.

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I have ran a couple tests comparing them to the Nikon lens and I find the Zeiss to be much sharper.This is the stuff of covers and Calvin Klein billboards.While it's not a complete camera on its own, Hasselblad's CFV-50C digital back is an attachment that turns vintage cameras and lenses into high-resolution digital cameras that compete with today's very best analog ones.In the good old days of film, most people shot 35mm.The name "35mm" is actually a misnomer, referring to the 36mm-long edge of a single frame on a negative.Images come out with a 8,272 x 6,200 pixel total resolution and have 16-bit color depth.

A single file can be more than 150 megabytes at top quality.

Product is all metal and fits to both mounts perfectly and has a tripod mount also.

I cant find anything wrong about it does exactly as it claims.

It features a durable brass construction with stainless steel finish, a leaf spring ensures a secure connection between the lens and adapter, and its design also maintains infinity focus.

Additionally, a tripod mount is featured to help offset the weight of the medium format lenses for more balanced and stable shooting.

The 50C is a digital back designed with older film cameras in mind, and it can replace the analog film magazine on the back of almost any medium-format Hasselblad going back to 1957.