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There, you can check when exactly did the user start to explore the affiliate marketing forum, according to the specific level of expertise they may have. Now that you know what a forum is and what are the specific responsibilities of all the different types of users, it’s time to check some examples and start exploring forums. Below, I’ve collected the top 10 most relevant and therefore best affiliate marketing forums for you to check and learn from! That’s why you’ll not only find English-speaking communities here, but also French, Chinese, Spanish and Russian platforms. Does this mean that – if you happen to be a Beginner – you shouldn’t even try to explore an Advanced forum? Cost: $99 per month Language: English Most popular topics: working with Pop Traffic, E-Commerce, Native STM is not only a forum: It’s a way for i Stack Holdings to communicate its business activities.

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CPAClub is a forum that positions itself as a closed VIP community of Russian-speaking super affiliates. In order to be part of this forum club, you don’t only need to get the right to enter: You must also actively participate in the club’s life. Info: CPA marketing forums can be tough but it’s really worth the hassle! If there happens to be something wrong, these guys go all in and fix it super fast!This is what usually happens in a community for affiliates. To make sure the forum’s guidelines are being respected and to kill trolling remarks and rude comments.Besides, there are some special people lurking in the online shadows. The Moderator is a person who is employed by the forum owners and who is responsible for the well-being of the forum and for maintaining its atmosphere. They read an affiliate marketing thread and analyze the relationships among all participants. They also check the quality and quantity of the content. To actually reduce the number of spammy affiliate marketing threads.There are dozens of individual forums that have a membership of over one million. There’s no need to get too deep into the technical side of how forums work.Even so, you need to know the basic structure of most forums.The admin can assign a user to become a moderator, create the rules and change them, create sections, change the website’s interface, and perform the operations with the database. It’s got a similar system for moderators, dividing them into Junior Moderator and Senior Moderator categories.

How to know who you’re dealing with in these media buyer forums? In general, you can find it under their name and profile picture. In affiliate marketing, forums come in all shapes and sizes. This system I referred to helps users understand who’s who and what the role of each forum participant is in the forum’s family. Explore them all, collect a lot of knowledge and increase your performance in the affiliate marketing world.

Want to read threads for affiliates that are subject to some sort of moderation?

Make sure the media buying forum of your choice has a great moderator squad. This is the fellow who’s working on the technical part of the community.

War Room and WAMA (Warrior Ask Me Anything) are study tool boxes which allow affiliates to learn more through online sessions of industry experts, providing access to digital marketing sources. Several years ago there was a buzz created about the many disadvantages of this forum. It always manages to stand apart from the rest by consistently providing super useful content.

The majority of the forum’s traffic is coming from the US. It really is up to you to decide whether or not this forum is the perfect fit. Cost: Free Language: English Most popular topics: SEO Wicked Fire is one of the most well-known and stable affiliate marketing forums in the industry.

Wicked Fire is probably the least active forum around.