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Dating a married gemini man

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This was done in a fun way, not a 'heavy' way and was very much in passing conversation.He did not say anything like that back and looked a little uncomfortable, like he didn't know how to react. When I text him the next morning after he's left, I usually say something like "Nice to see you last night - take care. "Thanks" Ha ha ha ha ha - it actually makes me laugh at this stage, its sooo like him to 'pull away' like that!

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At the time, I was told some pretty nasty lies about the Aqua by someone I thought was a friend.But now, it all makes a bit more sense and i expect the distant behavior.similarly, if i text just to say HI, it is met with an instant, but detached reciprocal greeting!Just to say - sometimes when he comes around, or sometimes by text, he will surprise me by remembering a tiny detail that I thought he'd ignored from months or even years previously.He also seems able to recall EVERY conversation we had 10 years ago.And, for the record, I would NEVER NEVER have seen myself in this situation.

He has no kids with his wife, which actually would make me cut all ties strait away, as I would never hurt any child's heart, nor participate in that happening.

(i was careful not to make eye contact when i said it, but from the corner of my eye, i did see that he was shocked, even a little offended (! I've since told him the same thing a couple of times - again, spur of moment and in the context of conversation and in a very light-hearted, non-threatening way. At first, I thought that i'd done something wrong, and I especially thought so when i didn't hear from him again for a month or two.

At first, i did NO research into Aquarius men and was just plain hurt and confused.

Once a couple of curiosity questions were answered, he fell silent! I'm not going to text him, but, given his pattern of doing things, I expect him to text and want to meet up in the next 1-4 weeks.

And then we will have a grate time again, but then the same pattern will follow afterward.

By the way, I have my own life and stuff going on, I feel attractive and sexy, I am a big risk-taker professionally and personally and have some exciting projects and plans on the go.