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Boundaries for dating teenagers

Being respectful means: not taking things without asking, not talking badly about another, not leaving a mess, not calling names or mouthing off.On the positive side, being respectful means: celebrating one another's successes, helping each other out when it's needed, asking permission before using something that is not yours, or standing up for other family members.

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For instance, the boundary, "We will avoid unnecessary risks and dangers," would include holding mom's hand as you walk across the street as a child.And, they will not become responsible or mature, or wise, until they engage in the process of dealing with the consequences of their choices and behavior.It is a cycle that needs to happen over and over before a teen comes to full maturity.So, the next job is to create specific rules and then consequences for breaking those rules.That's a job best developed by the whole family, so they feel as though they have contributed.How to Establish Boundaries SEE ALSO: 5 Things to Do When You Know Your Teen is Lying Parents can begin to establish boundaries by picking their top ten or fifteen deeply held beliefs and then identifying boundaries for each.

Think about and write down different real-life situations and how far things can go before your family boundaries will be violated.

You'll be surprised how harsh your teen will make their own consequences, so it will be your job to make those more reasonable.

And don't forget to make the consequences escalate for each continued breach of the rules and match consequences with the severity of the infraction.

For instance, "respect" would also cover issues like theft, honesty, caring for others, taking care of one's belongings, etc.

SEE ALSO: Managing Conflict With Your Teen Boundaries include what your child already knows, what you've taught them all their life.

Deep down, teens understand this, no matter how much they push against the rules, bend them, break them, and balk at them.