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Backdating problems

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Also note the filled MW50 hatch in the bottom of the fuselage Armoured Canopy Glass The next conversion duty was to create the armoured glass panels for the canopy.The framing around these panels was quite distinctive.

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Apart from these obvious additions, backdating to the A-7 variant required a number of further modifications.These look good when painted carefully Unlike the Dora, the Fw 190A had a fully enclosed wheel well.The kit wheel well part is attached to the wing spar, ensuring the correct dihedral.On the Fw 190A-7, the ETC carrier was located 8" aft of the position on the Fw 190A-8.The kit carrier was modified and installed in the appropriate position.This is not really a problem because not much can be seen behind the cooling fan once the model is finished.

Even so, Hasegawa has moulded an ignition harness onto the front of the cylinders, and also included a separate part with pushrods.

The end cone was cut off the tank, which was typical for Wurgers. That configuration was first introduced on the A-8.

The A-7 had the front two on the "top" panel as per the A-5 and 6 and the rearmost one down like the A-8.

The characteristic dimples in the top of the wheel well are a little too cylindrical - they should look more like the dimples on a golf ball.

There are also a few ejector pin marks to deal with on the gear bay and covers.

Only the early, flat canopy is included in this kit but it is beautifully thin and free of optical distortion.